Tranås 2015-05-13

Euroform have signed an agreement to acquire Memo Industriplast in Söderköping AB that has been in bankruptcy since mid-April. The business has been operated by the trustee and by this agreement the production will continue without interruptions and by that secure the deliveries to the customers. The site in Söderköping is specialized in precision products to leading industry customers. With this acquisition Euroform will continue and deepen the cooperation with the customers to the site in Söderköping. At the same time Euroform are able to add crucial resources in management, sales & marketing as well as technical resources to the site.

Håkan Jimstad, CEO of Euroform and Niklas Grundström, production manager in Söderköping

The new Euroform staff in Söderköping together with Euroform CEO, Håkan Jimstad

Euroform in brief

Our business
The business is divided in three customer segments: Euroform Industrial, Euroform MediPharm and Euroform Trucks.

Euroform is a highly qualified partner with broad technical competence and peak performance knowledge offers design, development and production of systems and components based on polymer materials.

Customer offering

Through deep involvement in our customer’s product development at early stage, we contribute with optimizing design, material choices and production technology, and by doing in this we contribute to a more optimal end product at efficient production cost.

Core values

The Euroform business has ever since the start in 1968 featured a way of working with honesty and simplicity in combination with professionalism, ethics and environmental care. Our core values are: respect for individuals, the customer first, right from me, commitment, courage and re-thinking.

Our employees and revenues

The average number of employees during 2014 was appr. 255. The annual turnover in 2014 was appr. 50 MEUR.

Our history

Euroform was founded 1987-02-02. Started as Ikanoinvest Service Aktiebolag that 1988-03-11 changed name to AB Euroform with IKEA as sole owner and founder. The business idea was from the beginning to be a relatively small R&D shop for plastic products within the needs of IKEA. But with quick success on the market with its products Euroform grow rapidly also into production. Euroform were divested to Vätterledens Invest 1997, which previously also owned Plast AB Rune Ask in Tranås (founded 1968). A plastics business unit was formed within Vätterleden that with exception for Euroform and Plast AB Rune Ask came to include a mould maker. Later on Electrolux Plastcenter were acquired in to the group in 1999. In 2002 Euroform, Plast AB Rune Ask and Plastcenter were merged into one company under the name Euroform.
Through organic growth and further acquisitions the strong Euroform Group of today has been formed. Still with its headquarter in Tranås, Sweden, but with business all around the world.

Euroform formally take over the operations from 2015-06-01

For further information:

Euroform CEO, Håkan Jimstad (+46 141 209 410)