This is our technical capabilities

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Research and Development

Research and Development table

Euroform has the knowledge and competence
which contributes within our customer development process.

The importance of creating a team with competence and experience during
the development phase is crucial for success at all levels.
Productions methods and available material alternatives for fulfilling
the product specifications are to be decided.
Risk management is the basis for the final product design.

Injection Moulding

Euroform has more than 100 Injection moulding machines
from 23 up to 2000 tons clamping force.
With this we cover the vast majority of needs for parts
from 0,1 grams up to 13 kg.

Our wide range of techniques includes

  • Injection moulding of compact parts
  • Gas assisted Injection moulding
  • TSG (Thermo schaum guss)
  • 2K & 3K Injection moulding
  • Metal insert moulding
  • Sandwich injection moulding
  • Inline printing and decoration
  • Inline welding (Vibration and Ultrasonic)
  • Inline quality control with vision and leakage test

Machine range

40-250ton = 55st
250-600ton = 32st
600-2000ton = 17st

System Solutions

Our customers often assign us challenging and complex projects,
and that’s when we deliver the best customer value.

Involving us early means that we can eliminate all non-value adding costs and build in production effectiveness – all the way from design to assembly.
You’ll get a dedicated cross functional project team including mechanical designers, material experts, tooling specialists, automation specialists, QA experts, as well as production and quality engineers.
With customer value always in mind, we focus on system solutions instead of problems and deliver overall value rather than components.
You’ll get control over the whole development chain and receive an optimized product/ system, ready for launch and ramp-up with short lead-times.

Verification and Validation

Our development and project teams provide support for all stages of development and industrialization. Together with our know-how of injection moulding, these resources secure a validated production.

Our services include

  • Production and verification of prototypes.
  • Simulation and verification plan for Tools and equipment.
  • Verification and tests according to Product technical specifications.
  • 3D-Measuring in two measuring laboratories.
  • Capabilities studies
  • Process validation (IQ, OQ, PQ)