Euroform Group

AB Euroform is a part of the Euroform Group which also consists of MediPharm AB. MediPharm is a business that is operating in the medical technology branch and is located in Motala, Sweden.


Vätterleden Invest AB owns Euroform. Vätterleden Invest is a private Swedish investment company with a genuine industrial knowledge and a long term ownership.

The headquarter of Vätterleden Invest is in Gothenburg, Sweden, and the company has an annual turnover in the private sector of 165 MEUR.


Euroform was founded on February 2, 1987. The business was initially called Ikanoinvest Service Aktiebolag, but in 1988 it changed to AB Euroform with IKEA being the sole owner. The business idea was at first to be a relatively small R&D shop for plastic products within the needs of IKEA. As Euroform at this time was being successful on the market, the business grew bigger and bigger at a high pace.

In 1997, Euroform was divested to Vätterledens Invest who already for some time was the owner of Plast AB Rune Ask in Tranås. Being the owner of Euroform and Plast AB Rune Ask, Vätterleden decided to create a new business area based on plastics which besides the two companies also included a tools manufacturer. Electrolux Plastcenter was later on acquired in to the group in 1999. Euroform, Plast AB Rune Ask and Plastcenter were then merged into one company under the name Euroform in 2002.

Through organic growth and further acquisitions, Euroform Group is today a well-developed and strong business. We still have our headquarters in Tranås, Sweden, but our business network spans all over the world.

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AB Euroform
Box 397
573 24 Tranås

+46 140 384900

Tranås North

Verkstadsgatan 9
573 41 Tranås

Tranås South

HQ - Verkstadsgatan 10
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