Injection moulding techniques

We develop, industrialize, injection moulds and assemble Plastic System Solutions to match the Automotive industries need of superior quality.

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Compact plastics

We produce in most known injection moulding techniques in thermoplastic materials reaching form standards like PP or PS to exclusive materials like PEEK. Our long experience have put us in contact with most materials and our strong base of suppliers will provide them.

Gas injection

By adding nitrogen we have the possibility to create hollow cavities in thicker areas of a part. We can then increase the strength and improve cycle times.

Thermo schaum guss (TSG)

By adding a ”baking soda” compound to the polymer we can expand the core with the benefit of creating thicker parts, less shrinkage and less locking force. We also have the same technology with counter pressure which makes us able to give the TSG part solid surfaces. 

Metal insert

Sometimes other materials than polymers are more suitable. In those cases we offer a possibility to strengthen the parts with metal inserts. We add them into the mould and inject the plastic to fully or partly cover the insert.

Two/Three components

We offer the use of different materials, colors and functions. Give your part all the benefits from the beginning without investing in further tools.

Back Injection

Complete your interior parts directly in the moulding process. We can add your fabric, leather or other surface materials in the mould that injects the plastic material on the backside. Eliminating the need of adhessives or other connections.