Euroform obeys under Swedish law which is fundamental to our business. By continuously carrying out improvements we shall see to it that our customers´ requirements and expectations will be fulfilled. Competent, creative and motivated employees are the key.

All our employees shall be given the opportunity of developing their skills, their work shall be appreciated, and they shall actively be able to participate in our development. Control and follow-up and authority. Beyond that we have guidelines and policys such as: 

We systematically follow our work according to our ISO16949, ISO9001 and ISO140001 certificates. Beyond that we conduct licensable operations which demand regular controls and reports. During 2018 we will also prepare for IATF 16949:2016/ISO 9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015.

Circle of Sustainability

Euroform is characterized by an active environmental commitment. With realistic and concrete environmental targets, we strive against an environmentally friendly production cycle, sustainability and saving of our natural resources. We strive for a minimal environmental impact by:


Ensuring legal adherence and promoting ethical behavior throughout our organization including third-party companies and partners. Building trust and creating a solid foundation for sustainable growth


Full focus on climate and energy efficiency in all aspects of our operative functions. Ensuring safe working conditions and circularity.

Social Responsibility

Supporting our local community by being an attractive and inclusive employer and engage in local social activities. Giving people a chance to enter the job market and contribute to a thriving society.

Human rights and anti-corruption

Euroform does business with customers and suppliers globally. We encounter different cultures and different values. Therefore, our core values are extra important.

Smålandsvind supplies the Vätterleden Group with renewable energy from wind power.

The highlands of the Småland county provides good conditions for wind power. All together the wind turbines from Hallhult södra, Tapplarp 1 och Tapplare 2 provide approximately 16,5 GWh/year. The plants have a combined output of 6 MW